The 3 Approaches to Argument

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The 3 approaches to argument

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The 3 Approaches to Argument
  1. The Classical approach to argument : Uses 3 different appeals such as ; Pathos , logos , ethos . This approach is to get your viewer/reader to agree with your terms and take your side of your argument .
    1. There are 6 different organization patterns for this approach :
      1. Introduction : where the audience evaluates your case and decides weather they should consider your side of the argument
        1. Statement of fact : Including all important facts that are specific to your argument
          1. Proposition : stating your thesis and using all counterclaims that show your supportive points
            1. Refutation : analyzing all facts and claims made . Pointing out all flaws
              1. Substantiation and proof : using examples to make your case , using the 3 different appeals
              2. Conclusion : tying your argument all together . Reviewing all claims made and thesis
              3. The Tomlin Approach to Argument
                1. Elements of a persuasive argument
                  1. Claim : A statement in which you ask your audience to accept your argument . This is to prove what your argument is and why you are right
                    1. Grounds : This is the real persuasion of your argument . All relvent information goes here along with all your data .
                      1. Warrants: is a link to the claim , it is a supportive sentence backing up to your facts and data and are based off , ethos , pathos , and logos
                        1. Backing : addition support to your warrant
                          1. Qualifier : is strength to your warrant or claim , usaling including 3 words such as : Most , usually ,
                            1. Rebuttal:
                          2. The Rogerian Approach to Argument
                            1. This approach is more seeing both sides instead of one side . This approach is less confrontational and more subtle.
                              1. The 5 usual elements to The Rogerian Approach to argument
                                1. an Introduction: a brief statement of the topic you are talking about and why ?
                                  1. A neutral , non-judgmental statement of the opponents position : a well clearly written context that can be validated and is understood
                                    1. A neutral statement and explanation : a valid context that you can back up and thouroly explain.
                                      1. an analysis : is like a comparison and contrast of the two positions
                                        1. A proposal: This recognizes both opinions and statements that the writer makes so it revolves the issue .
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