Descriptive texts

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Mind map about descriptive language. Notes from Bitesize KS3. Pages 1-3

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Descriptive texts
  1. Tips
    1. Be creative/original
      1. Consider senses
        1. Avoid cliches
          1. Don't take shortcuts
            1. Look for language devices depending whether it suits the text eg. emotive language
            2. Senses
              1. Sound
                1. Touch
                  1. Smell
                    1. Taste
                      1. Sight
                      2. Remember:
                        1. Make your description come alive as if you are there
                          1. Use interesting phrases/words
                            1. Use your imagination eg. pretend you are the envelope being sent describe your journey
                              1. Everything doesn't always have to very merry and jolly.
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