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How to find the plot

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1 Start at the beginning
1.1 Establish a routine or 'platform'
1.1.1 Someone doing something in a safe, stable environment which does not involve conflict
2 Proceed to the middle
2.1 Break the routine
2.1.1 This has to be related to the routine
3 Expand upon the middle
3.1 A new routine is established once the old routine is broken
3.1.1 Keep breaking the routine and establishing new ones.
4 Bring back the beginning
4.1 Reincorporation - without this a story can be pointless and unsatisfying
4.1.1 A satisfying story needs reasons for things to happen
5 Build to a climax
5.1 Each new routine must be at a higher level of importance than the last
5.1.1 Keep raising the stakes
6 Bring it to an end
6.1 Once all the mysteries have been solved and the routines all linked the story is over
6.1.1 It helps to reincorporate the beginning
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