Sources of Law

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to show the sources of Uk Law

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Sources of Law
  1. Statute Law
    1. Made by Parliament
    2. Common Law
      1. Evolved Law - Administered by the courts
        1. Judge made (common) law
          1. Equity was too Ridgid
            1. Laches Defeats Equity
              1. application must not be delayed
              2. He who comes to Equity must come with clean hand
                1. Litigants cannot rely on equity if they are involved in fraud
                2. Cannot be defended on procedural formality
                  1. Looks a the intent rather than the form
              3. The Law of Equity
                1. 13th Centrey
                  1. only remedy of damages (money)
                  2. Based on fairness and natural justice
                    1. lord Chancellor operates in the Court of Chancery
                      1. Rules became known as maxims of equity
                    2. Conflict = Equity prevails over Common law
                    3. Used to describe non codified (written) basis
                      1. English legal system
                        1. As appose to Civil Law - based on Roman system -
                          1. Based on Roman System
                            1. Used in europe
                        2. European Union
                          1. have become important as we are part of the EU
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