Seven Step PLC Reflective Process

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This a graphic organizer that list the 7 steps of the PLC Reflective Process

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Seven Step PLC Reflective Process
  1. Identifying a practice or product group
    1. Find a product or practice
      1. Analyze the outcome
        1. Allow teachers the opportunity to select
        2. Setting the stage for success
          1. Well planned meeting with an agenda
            1. Find out target audience
              1. What knowledge should be gained after the meeting
              2. Explaining the purpose for the practice or product
                1. Clear and open mind
                  1. Come to agreement or understanding
                    1. Adequate time for preparation
                      1. Explore new ideas or materials
                      2. Examine the product or practice (how is it useful)
                        1. Effective dialouge
                          1. Take constructive criticism
                            1. Summarize what they learned or what was transpired in the meeting
                            2. Showing or acting upon what is learned
                              1. Teacher presents and implement plan
                                1. Improvement of plans
                                2. Assessing the plan
                                  1. Focus on the overall learning
                                    1. Revisit various recommendations
                                      1. Finding out ways to that worked and did not
                                        1. Discuss what changed to be successful
                                        2. Building the community
                                          1. Occurs when all parties works together for a common purpose
                                            1. Everyone inputs their ideas
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