Sales Manager

Sharon Ninan
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Sharon Ninan
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Sales manager competencies

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Sales Manager
  1. Product knowledge
    1. Knowledge on appliances
      1. Education/experience with products
      2. Sales planner
        1. Vision to action
          1. Focus on KRAs
            1. Setting team objectives
            2. Location experience
              1. Language competencies
                1. Cultural nuances
                2. Flexibility
                  1. Persuasive selling capabilities
                    1. Negotiating a positive scenario
                    2. Sector knowedge
                      1. Distribution systems
                        1. Sector Dynamics
                        2. Organiser
                          1. Organization in territory
                            1. Organizing sales pitches
                            2. Identification with the vision
                              1. Team visioning
                                1. Aligns team strategies
                                2. Effective communicator
                                  1. Concise presenter
                                    1. Persuasive speaker
                                      1. Coaching style of management
                                      2. Performance orientation
                                        1. Clear comprehension of performance drivers
                                          1. Effective usage of limited resources
                                            1. Promotes self-management
                                            2. Critical Thinker
                                              1. Quick decision making
                                                1. Creating win-win situations
                                                2. Customer focus
                                                  1. Attention to client needs
                                                    1. Builds trust among clients
                                                      1. Develops the ‘can do!’ attitude
                                                      2. Team builder
                                                        1. Effective delegation of work
                                                          1. Innovation manager
                                                            1. Identifies strengths and weaknesses of team
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