Admissions & Marketing

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Admissions & Marketing

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Admissions & Marketing
  1. Systems and processes
    1. DHA
      1. Registry & admin processing
        1. External agencies e.g. Home Office
        2. Admissions Events e.g. PPM, Assessment days, NGOD, Tours
          1. Staffing
            1. Links with rest of school
              1. Facilities/offices
                1. Marketing/Communications
                  1. Internal (whole school)
                    1. Events at DH
                      1. Advertising and publications
                      2. External (whole school)
                        1. Events off site
                          1. Advertising and publications
                        2. Prep School Liaison
                          1. Internal (Prep School events at DH)
                            1. External (visits and Senior School Fairs)
                              1. Advertising and publications for Prep Schools
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