The Voyage of Odysseus

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Important details of The Voyage of Odysseus

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The Voyage of Odysseus
  1. Odysseus
    1. Prince of Ithica
      1. A myth of his adventure to reclaim his throne
        1. "In the storms that scattered the returning Greeks, Odysseus and his men were driven far away from the rest," (Colum 1)
    2. Setting
      1. Ancient Greece
        1. Island of Circe
          1. Phaeacia
            1. Ithaca
          2. Overcoming obstacles
            1. Having to defeat and outsmart many creatures in order to return to his throne
              1. Cyclops
                1. Circe the Enchantress
                  1. Sirens
                    1. Scylla
                      1. Charybdis
                        1. Calypso
                      2. Details of violence and death
                        1. The descriptive detail makes you visualize the scenes and makes the myth come to life
                          1. "laid hands upon two of my men, and swinging them by the legs, dashed their brains out on the earth." (2)
                            1. "He cut them to pieces and ate them before our very eyes." (2)
                          2. "Then I and my companions laid hold on the great stake and, dashing at the Cyclops, thrust it into his eye." (3)
                          3. Help surviving
                            1. Without help Odysseus would not have survived and never would have reclaimed his throne
                              1. Circe the Enchantress warned Odysseus about the sirens, Scylla, Calypso and Charybdis
                                1. Eurylochus told Odysseus that Circe had turned his men into swine and she had poisoned the food, so he would know not to eat it
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