Sparta vs. Athens

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Sparta vs. Athens
1 Sparta
1.1 Sparta was built by the Dorians in S. Pelponnesus
1.1.1 They (Dorians) conquered people who were turned into state-owned slaves called helots.
1.2 Spartan Government
1.2.1 Consisted of: 2 kings A council of elders 5 elected officials called ephors, who handled daily affairs An assembly of citizens
1.3 Children
1.3.1 At birth, all children were inspected and those who had defects, were left to die.
1.3.2 Boys began military training at age 7, at 20 he could marry, and at age 30 he joined the assembly (army).
1.4 Women
1.4.1 Women were not soldiers, but were expected to train in order to produce healthy sons for the army. Men held all power in Spartan society, but women had a few rights.
2 Athens
2.1 Located in N. Peloponnesus
2.2 Government Type
2.2.1 Anistocracy Democracy With this govt., wealth grew, but over time, citizens got upset. Because of this, Athens turned into a democracy.
2.2.2 Leaders Solon- 594 B.C.
3 Green = Sparta; Red = Athens
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