Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Anne Nightingale
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Anne Nightingale
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Basic spider diagram summing up OCD.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  1. Biological factors
    1. Lack of serotonin
      1. Excessive activity in caudate nucleus and prefrontal orbital cordex
      2. Cognitive Theory
        1. Misinterpretation of thoughts
          1. Bad thoughts gain importance by being threatening
          2. Behavioural Theory
            1. Avoidance of certain objects
              1. and situations associated with fear
            2. Typical Compulsions
              1. Washing/cleaning
                1. Counting
                  1. Checking
                    1. Demanding reassurance
                      1. Routine
                        1. Order
                        2. Typical Obsessions
                          1. Fear of contamination
                            1. Order/symmetry
                              1. Unwanted horrific thoughts
                              2. Symptoms
                                1. Obsessions and/or compulsions
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