The psychology of working women and treats

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The psychology of working women and treats
  1. Treat personality types
    1. Those who rarely plan and see treats as temptations
      1. Weight goal= weight loss (89%)
        1. More likely to view weight as a problem
        2. Age (21-34)
          1. One of the biggest issues is willpower (45% quite to unbearable)
            1. Less likely to have a sense of purpose/goal
              1. Main triggers for having treats
                1. Boredom
                  1. Craving for something sweet
                    1. What to they feel could help to resolve the issue
                      1. Getting over their depression
                        1. Finding ways to improving will power/self-control
                          1. New activities
                          2. Partner eating the same way
                            1. Eating consistently throughout the day so you never feel too hungry
                              1. Someone to keep their diet in check
                                1. Counting calories
                                  1. Reminding themselves that they can always eat leftovers the next day
                                    1. Finding ways to eat healthily on a budget
                                      1. Finding better coping mechanisms to deal with stress
                                    2. Frequency of having treats
                                      1. Much more likely to have treats between 1 and 5 times/day
                                      2. More likely to overidulge
                                        1. More likely to occasionally overeat
                                          1. More likely to feel guilty after overeating
                                            1. More likely to consider treats tipping them over their calorie allowance/actively compromising their weight loss goals
                                            2. Those who usually plan treats but sometimes are spontaneous
                                              1. Weight goal= weight loss (54%)
                                                1. Age (21-34)
                                                  1. Cope better with their problems
                                                    1. Have a more extended support network
                                                      1. Main treat triggers
                                                        1. Hunger
                                                          1. Craving something sweet
                                                          2. Frequency of having treats
                                                            1. More likely to have treats 1 to 4 times a week
                                                        2. Problems
                                                          1. quite to very problematic
                                                            1. Money worries (1st)
                                                              1. Lack of time (2nd)
                                                                1. Weight (3rd)
                                                                  1. Stress levels (4th)
                                                                    1. Work/life balance (5th)
                                                                      1. Lack of motivation/willpower/confidence
                                                                      2. Unbearable
                                                                        1. Money worries (1st)
                                                                          1. Lack of willpower (2nd)
                                                                            1. Depressive thoughts (3rd)
                                                                              1. Lack of sense of purpose/goals/motivaton (4th)
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