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  1. Sleep and Dreams
    1. Lucid Dreaming
      1. The brains process of falling asleep
        1. Sleep Walking
          1. Why do people dream more then others?
            1. Does individual creativity affect the way we dream?
            2. Post Traumatic Stress
              1. Stress related effects of response work
                1. Does the traumatizing experiences of working at a response job affect personal and working life?
                  1. How does it affect them?
                2. Post Traumatic Stress on physical wellness
                  1. Steps to overcoming Post Traumatic Stress, can it be cured?
                    1. How does PTSD affect social circumstances and lifestyle?
                      1. Do similar traumatic situations affect people differently? Why? How?
                      2. Social Influence
                        1. Social Media regarding Social Influence
                          1. What causes us to conform to social influence?
                            1. Is Social Influence more prevalent in our current society? Why?
                            2. Animal Behaviour
                              1. Do animals have personalities and different characteristics?
                                1. How do pets affect our lives
                                  1. Does owning a pet affect our own personailty and characteristics
                                    1. Can owning a pet affect our outlook on life
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