Engineering Cultures

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Brief description of engineering education in France and Britain

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Engineering Cultures
  1. British model
    1. Public Schools
      1. focus on classical literature
        1. Lack of technical training
          1. Finniston Report
            1. need for improved standards for engineers
              1. Better accreditation and licensing
                1. More government led incentives
                  1. More theoretical education
                    1. Diversification of education, goal to produce more well rounded engineers
                      1. Leads to Engineering Technical Standard, 2003
                      2. Samuelson Committee
                        1. "relationship between industrial decline and lack of adequate technical education"
                      3. Accessible to wealthy only
                        1. Class division Rich vs Poor
                        2. apprenticeships
                          1. more hands on, lack of respect due to "look" of manual labor
                            1. Specialized in one field, very early on
                          2. French model
                            1. Pre-French Revolution 1789
                              1. Ancien regime
                                1. clergy
                                  1. nobelmen
                                    1. third etat
                                    2. Corps des Pointes et Chausses 1716
                                      1. Ecole Polytechnique
                                        1. Grand Ecoles
                                          1. Limited access to poor and foreigners
                                            1. Technical methods, pure mathematics
                                            2. Ecole Centrales des Artes et Manufactures
                                              1. Even higher tuitions
                                                1. more industrial orientation
                                                  1. entrance exams less strict
                                                    1. second tier
                                                    2. Ecoles d"Arts et Metiers
                                                      1. third tier
                                                        1. artisans, mechanics, supply of mechanical engineers
                                                          1. not recognized as engineers until twentieth century
                                                        2. Three tiers create class structure within fields
                                                  2. Technocracy
                                                    1. Big ideas more acceptable to public (Nuclear power in France)
                                                    2. Less emphasis on sciences, labs
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