better health for individuals

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better health for individuals
  1. what does health mean to individuals?
    1. meanings of health
      1. dimensions of health
        1. relative and dynamic nature of health
        2. perceptions of health
          1. perceptions of their health
            1. general perception of teenage health
              1. perceptions of the health of others
                1. impact of media, peers and family
                2. health behaviours of young people
                  1. postivive health status of young people
                    1. poor body image
                      1. protective behaviours
                      2. what influences the health of individuals?
                        1. the determinants of health
                          1. environmental factors
                            1. socioeconomic factors
                              1. sociocultural factors
                                1. individual factors
                                2. combination of determinants
                                3. the degree of control individuals can exert over their health
                                  1. modifiable and non modifiable determinants
                                    1. how determinants can change
                                    2. health as a social construct
                                      1. the interrelationship of the determinants
                                        1. why is it important to have health knowledge and support?
                                          1. how health is socially constructed
                                            1. changing influence of determinants
                                            2. what strategies help to promote the health of individuals?
                                              1. what is health promotion?
                                              2. responsibility for health promotion
                                                1. individuals
                                                  1. community groups and schools
                                                    1. NGO'S
                                                      1. international organisations
                                                      2. health promotion and strategies
                                                        1. health promotion
                                                          1. self help
                                                            1. self care
                                                              1. preventative medical approaches
                                                              2. the ottawa charter as an effective health promotion framework
                                                                1. action areas of the ottawa charter
                                                                  1. strengthening community action
                                                                    1. creating supportive environments
                                                                      1. reorientating health services
                                                                        1. building healthy public policy
                                                                          1. developing personal skills
                                                                        2. principles of social justice
                                                                          1. equity
                                                                            1. diversity
                                                                              1. supportive environments
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