Endangered Animals

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Mind map on endangered animals for Humanities.

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Endangered Animals
  1. Food/Water
    1. Another consequence of introducing a species is it could potentially take all the food or water supplies from the native animals
    2. Climate Change
      1. Climate change can affect the habitats of animals, especially those that rely on colder climates. The animals may not be able to survive in a hotter climate and become threatened.
      2. Habitat
        1. Introduced species
          1. When a species is introduced into a habitat, it can become a predator to the native species that live there.
              1. Predators
                  1. Humans can also be considered predators to animals. Our presence in the habitats of animals alone can harm their survival rate, but especially by poaching or hunting animals. Trophy hunting or hunting for selling on the black market has become a huge threat to the lives of animals.
                  2. Diseases
                    1. An introduced species may carry diseases that are unfamiliar to the animals and habitat. The native organisms are then unprepared to fight these diseases and can be killed easily.
                    2. Poaching/Hunting
                      1. Pollution
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