Delivery Control

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Delivery Control
  1. Shipment Prepare
    1. Receive PO from EDM
      1. Elaborate Delivery Schedule
        1. print out ID TAG
          1. pack and labeled material at MRP
    2. Shipment DAY
      1. Consolidate, prepare and check weekly ship
        1. consolidate shipment documents (PL, Invoice, EDM File, PO and material
          1. delivery shipment
            1. require sign and stampfrom EDM-send back to MMSC (PL, invoice, EDM file)
          2. send PL to invoicing
            1. require invoice to ASI
              1. Elaborate Invoice and send back to MMSC
              2. Elaborate EDM file shipment
            2. Control of Records
              1. To file EDM file record
                1. unload material shipped from MRP
                2. payment
                  1. To file PL, send invoice to Finance (Hitomi)
                    1. send invoice to EDM finance dept and ASI / To file original invoice
                      1. require payment to customer
                        1. payment record
                          1. prepare next shipment
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