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basic stuff on the production of bananas

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  1. where is it grown?
    1. grown in countries of the tropics - Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, Pacific etc. Many countries produce bananas as a staple food and only around 20% of all bananas that are produced are actually exported
      1. Bananas are Australia's largest fresh horticulture crop, selling more than any other fruit on the market. With fruit available year-round, bananas are important to the economy in many regions of Queensland.
      2. which biome is it grown in?
        1. Bananas grow in humid, tropical regions of the world
          1. Grown in the tropical or rainforest biome
          2. which country produces the most
            1. India produces the most with 18% of the worlds bananas
            2. what is this product used for
              1. Treat Damaged Hair. Whiten Teeth. Prevent Wrinkles. Treat Insect Bites. Treat Warts. Treat Bruises, Cuts, and Scrapes. Get Rid of Splinters. Exfoliate Your Skin. Attract Birds & Butterflies. Fertilize Your Plants.Polish Leather & Silver. combat Aphids. Dog Treat. Purify Water. . Make “Ice Cream.”
              2. how is it grown (conditions)
                1. The time between planting a banana plant and the harvest of the banana bunch is from 9 to 12 months. The flower appears in the sixth or seventh month. Bananas are available throughout the year - they do not have a growing 'season'.
                  1. Banana growing is, in general, labour intensive, involving clearing of jungle growth, propping of the plants to counter bending from the weight of the growing fruit, and irrigation in some regions. As well as an intensive use of pesticides, the conventional production process involves covering banana bunches with polyethylene bags to protect them from wind, attacks of insects or birds and to maintain optimum temperatures.
                    1. After nine months, the bananas are harvested while still green. At the packhouse they are inspected and sorted for export.
                      1. When the bananas arrive at their destination port they are first sent to ripening rooms (aprocess involving ethylene gas) and then sent to the shops.
                      2. any interesting facts
                        1. number one fruit all over the world
                          1. berries and herbs, not technically a fruit
                            1. The word "banana" comes from the Arabic word for "finger." Bananas got this name because they resemble fingers that grow together in long rows, which are called "hands." We call them "bunches."
                              1. grow from a bulb not seed
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