Defence EHM Service & Change Engineer

Alexander Cook
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Alexander Cook
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Defence EHM Service & Change Engineer
  1. Service Engineer
    1. RB199 Performance Meetings
      1. Alerting
        1. Hosting
          1. Action Management
            1. Customer facinig
            2. RB199 Performance Review Pack
              1. On time
                1. Quality
                  1. Customer Satisifaction
                  2. Engine Health Packs
                    1. Data Centre Liason
                      1. Issue Resolution
                        1. Missing Data
                      2. Change Engineer
                        1. Incident Resolution
                          1. Problem Solving
                            1. Communication
                              1. Cross Boundary Working
                              2. Data Centre Liason
                                1. Data Streams
                                2. Datatrek, GFSM and Scheduler SME
                                  1. Change Delivery
                                    1. Requirements gathering
                                      1. Quality
                                        1. Customer Focused
                                          1. Planning
                                            1. Driven Delivery
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