UNIIIIIIT 5: Ancient Egyptian Gods

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Mind map on some of the Ancient Egyptian gods.

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UNIIIIIIT 5: Ancient Egyptian Gods
  1. Amun
    1. A crowned king
      1. God of all living things
    2. Amun-Ra
      1. The two gods Amun and Ra joined
        1. King of the gods
      2. Anubis
        1. A Jackal headed man
          1. Guarded tombs and god of embalming
        2. Hathor
          1. A woman with the horns of a cow and a sun disk as a headress
            1. Goddess of love and beauty
          2. Horus
            1. The Falcon-headed god
              1. The god of the sky
            2. Isis
              1. A woman wearing a headdress in the shape of a throne
                1. A motherly goddess and protector of children
              2. Khnum
                1. A man with a ram's head
                  1. God of creation.
                2. Ma'at
                  1. A woman with a feather on her head.
                    1. The goddess of truth
                  2. Osiris
                    1. A mummified man with a white headress
                      1. King of the underworld
                    2. Ptah
                      1. A mummified man with a beard
                        1. The god of craftsmen
                        2. Ra (or Re)
                          1. A hawk headed man who wore a headdress with a sun disk
                            1. The god of the sun
                          2. Thoth
                            1. An ibis headed man
                              1. The god of learning and wisdom.
                            2. Ancient Egyptians had many other gods apart from these gods.
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