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  • Organizational Process Assets
  1. Existing Processes, Procedures and Historical information
    1. They provide direction and guidance in planing and help the Project benefit
      1. Processes, Procedures and Policies
        1. These Include processes and policies for quality assurance, continuous improvement, procurement, human resource managment, change control, safety, etc
        2. Corporate Knowledge Base
          1. Assume the organization has historical information and lessons learned
            1. Historical Information
              1. Is a record of past projects
                1. Can Include: Activities, Lessons Learned, WBs, Benchmarks, Reports, Risk and Risks Response Plans, Estimates, Resources Used, Project Managment Plans, Correspondence
              2. Lessons Learned
                1. They include what was done right (positive), what was done wrong (negative) and what would be done differently in a project
            2. A Project Manager need to collect and review lessons learned from similar projects before starting work on a new project
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