SAB7#18 Monitoring and Control Process

Raúl Ladrón de Gueva
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Raúl Ladrón de Gueva
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Mind Map on SAB7#18 Monitoring and Control Process, created by Raúl Ladrón de Gueva on 08/06/2015.

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SAB7#18 Monitoring and Control Process
  1. Project Management Plan
    1. Correctives Actions
      1. Team Change
        1. Changing Tools
          1. Changing Products and Equipment
          2. Preventive Actions
            1. Analysis
              1. Reports
                1. Respect Planning
                2. Changes
                  1. New Customer Changes
                    1. Changes to improve Delivery Times
                      1. Analyzing changes in Equipment
                      2. Deliverables: Reports
                        1. Staff
                          1. Advances
                            1. Risks
                            2. Risk assessment
                              1. Correction Process and Actions
                                1. Assessment Activities VS Results
                                  1. Process Group
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