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Topic of Learning Year 12 Psychology.

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  1. Behaviour not dependant on learning
    1. Reflex Actions
      1. FAP
        1. Maturation
        2. Neural Basis of Learning
          1. The Neuron
            1. Axon
              1. Transmits info from the Soma to the dendrites
              2. Dendrites
                1. Branched area that receives neurotransmitters from the pre synaptic neuron
                2. Synapse
                  1. Area that neurotransmitters pass over
                  2. Neurotransmitters
                    1. Chemical substance released across the synaptic gap.
                  3. Plasticity
                    1. Developmental
                      1. Adaptive
                    2. Classical Conditioning
                      1. PAVLOV
                      2. Parts of the eye
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