Characteristics of a Copywriter

Bernice Mosala
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Bernice Mosala
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Mind Map on Characteristics of a Copywriter, created by Bernice Mosala on 08/12/2015.

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Characteristics of a Copywriter
  1. Principles and practices of advertising, marketing and public relations
    1. Abilitiy to work under pressure
      1. Effecitievly discover insights, make emotive connections and alter persepctives through concepts and copy
        1. Detail orientated
          1. Knowing elements of copy and how to use them. Eg: Headlines, lead lines, taglines and captions
            1. Brilliant researcher, listener and observer
              1. Multi-tasking, focused, self-motivating and self-editing
                1. Imaginative: able to think of new concepts and correlating copy
                  1. Ability to work independently and collaborate effectivly
                    1. Visually and verbally inclined
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