Dance Space ATL 501(C)(3) Not For Profit Support Organization

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Dance Space ATL is a 501(C)(3) Not for profit dance organization that exist to provide a space for Atlanta area dance organizations, rental space for individual artist, and scholarships for adults, and children

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Dance Space ATL 501(C)(3) Not For Profit Support Organization
  1. Daryl L. Foster Presents: SPACE Dance Studios
    1. kids| SPACE
      1. S.P.A.C.E. The School for Performance Art and Commercial Education
        1. Prodigy
          1. 3D Elite Kids Dance Company
          2. KIMMISTRY
          3. fit|SPACE
            1. Co-Op /Open Space
              1. Dance Companies
                1. Daryl L.Foster Presents:LIFT: Men Dance Life 501 (c)(3)
                  1. Proia Project 501 (c)(3)
                    1. Rachel Truitt: GDC
                    2. SHOWCASES
                      1. CiCi Kelley Presents: Phazes of Love
                        1. Daryl L. Foster Presents: EMERGING
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