Leisure basketball stand

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Leisure basketball stand
  1. Weight and size
    1. Heavy at the base to prevent it from toppling over
      1. About 5'6 tall: children aged 3-6 years would be able to shoot
        1. Sufficient space for educational features
        2. Sustainability
          1. Eco-friendly products
            1. Apply finishes to ensure a long product life
              1. Waxes and natural oils are the most eco-friendly wood finishes
              2. 3Rs materials
                1. Wood can be used for storage at the base
                  1. Strong
                  2. Plastic for the vertical stand
                    1. Light
                      1. Cheap to manufacture
                        1. Resistance to breakage
                          1. Comes in a wide range of colours
                      2. Health and Safety
                        1. Round edges around storage box
                          1. to prevent children from bumping to sharp edges
                        2. Function
                          1. Multipurpose
                            1. Educational features along the vertical stand
                              1. Revolving around numbers, animals and alphabets, etc
                              2. A hoop for children to aim and score (ball)
                                1. Storage at the base to store toys, board games and ball, etc.
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