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Lighting mindmap

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  1. Age
    1. Children
      1. Colourful lights
        1. Flashing changing colours
        2. Wall lights
          1. Bedside lamp
            1. Light strong enough for reading bedtime stories
            2. Ceiling light
              1. Warm and safe colour
            3. Teenagers
              1. Fairy lights
                1. Hung and decorated around the room
                2. Bedside lamp
                  1. Brightness adjustable: low, medium, high
                    1. Some might sleep with dim lights on at night
                  2. Desk light
                    1. To study and pack their things
                      1. Soothing for their eyes
                    2. Adults
                      1. Modern designs
                        1. Chandeliers
                          1. To have a home feeling
                            1. To impress guests in the living room
                          2. Vintage lightings
                        2. Eco - friendly
                          1. Sustainability
                            1. Recycled materials
                              1. Energy saving
                                1. LED Lights
                                2. Properties
                                  1. Easy to use
                                    1. Steady
                                      1. Sufficient light for reading users
                                      2. Safety
                                        1. Fuse if current becomes too large
                                          1. Insulator material used for wire
                                          2. Places
                                            1. Home
                                              1. Chandelier
                                                1. Warm colour
                                                  1. Brightness adjustable by remote: dim, normal, bright
                                                  2. Ceiling lights
                                                    1. Floor lights
                                                      1. For balconies, patios and backyards
                                                      2. Fan lights
                                                      3. School
                                                        1. Classroom lights
                                                          1. bright so students would focus better in class
                                                            1. white light
                                                          2. Hotel
                                                            1. Lobby lights
                                                              1. bright to bring a lively atmosphere
                                                              2. Information counter lights
                                                                1. warm orange-yellow lights to welcome guests
                                                                2. Wall lights
                                                                  1. to guide guests around their way in the hotel
                                                                3. Outdoors
                                                                  1. Garden
                                                                    1. Night lights to make your way around
                                                                      1. for plants to carry out photosynthesis
                                                                      2. Decorations
                                                                        1. Christmas lights around the house and along the streets and city
                                                                          1. Reindeer with lights placed outside houses
                                                                          2. Park
                                                                            1. lamposts to guide people's way in the dark
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