Inheritance, variation and classification

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Inheritance, variation and classification
  1. All living organisms have MRS. GREN-Movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition
    1. Some protoctists, such as Amoeba, have features like an animal cell. Others, such as Chlorella, have chloroplasts and are more like plants. Some protoctists are pathogens. For example, Plasmodiumis, the pathogen that causes malaria. They are also single celled.
    2. Animals are multicellular organisms – they consist of many cells that work together. Examples of animals include mammals
      1. Plants are also multicellular organisms – they consist of many cells that work together. Examples include cereals (such as maize), and peas and beans.
        1. Mushrooms, toadstools and moulds (such as Mucor) are multicellular fungi. Yeast is an example of a single-celled fungus.
          1. All living things are classed into 5 kingdoms Protocitsts, prokaryates, fungi, plants and animals. After thaat they are classed in the following order-Phylum, class, order, family, gunus and species
            1. Prokaryates are bacteria or blue-green algae. THey are single celled.
              1. Individuals in a population are usually similar to each other, but not identical. Some of this variation within a species is genetic, some is environmental, and some is a combination of both.
                1. The genetic information comes from mother and father.
                  1. There is species variation like gold fish and clown fish
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