SAP7_#75-76_Plan Quality Management & Grade vs Quality

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SAP7_#75-76_Plan Quality Management & Grade vs Quality
  1. 1. Project Mgmt Plan
    1. Base Line
    2. 2. Stakeholders
      1. QA Impact
      2. 3. Risk
        1. Oppurtunities & Threats
        2. 4. Requirements docs
          1. Needs
          2. 5. EFF´s
            1. Regulations & Rules
            2. 6. OPA´s
              1. Politics & Procedures
              2. 1) Quality Management Plan
                1. How policies and quality processes will be implemented
                2. 2) Process Improvement Plan
                  1. Identifies areas of opportunity
                  2. 3) Quality Metrics
                    1. Tolerance limits, variances, product attributes
                    2. 4) Quality Checklist
                      1. Tasks Steps
                      2. 5) Project Document Update
                        1. WBS, Dictiionry WBS & Stakeholders
                        2. 1. Cost-Benefit Analisys
                          1. For each activity
                          2. 2. Quality Cost
                            1. Costs of Conformity & not Conformity
                            2. 3. Seven Basic Quality Tools
                              1. Diagram Cause-Efect, Flowchart,Checksheet, Histogram,Control Chart, Scatter Diagram
                              2. 4. Benchmarking
                                1. Comparative
                                2. 5) Design of Experiments
                                  1. Best Product, Best Price
                                  2. 6) Statistical Sampling
                                    1. Inspects a portion of a population
                                    2. 7) Additional Quality Planning Tools
                                      1. Brainstorming, Afinity Diagrams, Force Fields Analisys, Nominal Group Techniques, Matrix Diagram, Priorization Matricices
                                      2. 8) Meetings
                                        1. How the team will do all of the quality-related activities
                                        2. Grade
                                          1. Characteristics that Make a Product,
                                          2. Quality
                                            1. Degree of Compliance & a Set Compliance the Requirements
                                            2. A) High Degree NE High Quality; B) Low Quality = Problem; C) Low Degree is not Always a Problem
                                              1. Project Planning
                                                1. Find existing quality practices, standards, and requirements, for the product, project, and project management efforts
                                                  1. Create aditional project specific practices, stanmdard and metrics
                                                    1. Determine the proceess that will be used on the projec
                                                      1. Determine that work you will do to meet the standards
                                                        1. Determine How you will measure to make sure to meet the standards
                                                          1. Perform Cost of quality, cost-Benefit analisys, to make certain that the appropiate level quality will be planning in
                                                            1. Balance the needs of quality, with scope , cost, time , risk, resources and customer satisfaction
                                                              1. Create a process improvement plan and a quality management plan as part of the project management plan
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