Succession and Change

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leah jara
Created by leah jara almost 6 years ago
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Succession and Change
1 Primary succession: primary succession is when a land has been bare with no growth nor plant life, then something in that environment can alter to create growth, plant life, soil, example cracks in the pavement,but then wind carries seeds there to create growth!
2 Succession is when an organisms is present and alter the environment in some way they gradually replace other speices
3 Secondary succession: Secondary succession is when land has plant life growth and animals but that area has gone through some kind of natural disaster that kills some plant life but still manages to have a positive impact on the ecosystem managing to create new growth, example a forest gets burned by a forest fire but because of the open space more sunlight is able to reach new plants for them to thrieve also some plants like to grow in ash!
4 Humans clear land from forestry, agriculture, spread of urban areas, and highways and parking lots
5 some animals adapt to man made environment because their environment has been over taken by our communities making it so they are able to live in our environment
6 Using Pesticides
6.1 using a pesticide such as ddt can not only be harmful to the thing your killing it can also harm other species that eat that bug or it can be harmful to a bug that hangs around the area the pesticide has been srayed
6.2 a better way to get rid of a pest is by using biological control that's when you get rid of something by using it's natural enimie
7 exotic or introduced species :These are species that are accidentally introduced into and environment where they are not naturally found and have no predators this can cause problems because they will just keep reproducing and taking up habitat and clogging water ways without their predators
8 extinct means an animal no longer exists
8.1 endangered species means and organism may almost be extinct

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