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Mind Map on SAB7#87_Audit_vs_Process_Analysis, created by Jonatan Rodríguez on 08/22/2015.

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  1. Quality Audits
    1. company policies
      1. standardized practices
        1. Not is a negative event
          1. Find new lessons learned and effective practices that your project can contribute to the performing organization.
            1. The work of a project is not only to produce the product of the project, also a project should contribute to the best practices within the organization
              1. proposes corrective actions
                1. internal or external
                2. Process Analysis
                  1. Is a part of the continuous improvement effort on a project and focuses on identifying improvements that might be needed in processes.
                    1. Have you ever worked on a project where some of the activities or work packages were repeated?
                      1. The lessons learned on the first few installations are used to improve the process on the remaining ones. Though this often happens naturally, formal process analysis should be planned in at certain points in the project
                      2. implements preventive actions
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