Crab feed festival - Why do we care?


To highlight the reason as to why the Crab Feed Festival, along with many other events, are held and supported by Walnut Creek Rotary Club and other clubs.
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Crab feed festival - Why do we care?
  1. A voice over of a Walnut Creek resident OR many different Rotary members stating: We do care!! Cut to...


    • VO - Walnut Creek resident Photo of a child with Polio
      1. Photo of a child with polio and the work to erradicate it. (Permission requested!)
      2. Rotary: Who? Why? What for? When? How?
        1. One event at a time, Rotary gathers great revenue to help the many Institutions locally and worldwide
          1. Lady and a guy saying: 'Even facebook asks us for a break!' If we can sit in front of the computer for a chat, we can give away a few hours a month toward a great cause!
          1. To raise money so that Rotary can help great causes
            1. Rotacare Clinic / Photos /
              1. Testimonials of families with W.C Rotary volunteers
                1. Photos and videos showing Before and After
                2. V.O of one W.Creek Rotarian explaining about Rotacare Clinic
                3. Video/photo - Acqua Nicaragua - Water Project - Villagers
                  1. MCC - Photo of the Computer area
                    1. Photo of the families being helped with kids/infants ** Permission requird
                    2. Prosthetics hands LM4 -El Salvador Project - Photos and video clips
                    3. Rotary members volunteer work happen pretty much all year long... here, there, everywhere!
                      1. The world map showing Rotary all over
                        1. Summer or winter, we are meeting for different activities
                          1. 3rd grade fishing at Heathers Farm
                            1. Bird eye photo of weekly and other shots of lunch meetings
                              1. Supporting and promoting Rotary name within other Humanitarian foundations and/or Private entities
                            2. Suporting material
                              1. Brochure - Basically, a printed copy of the video
                                1. Display table with speakers - Organizers speech - 3, 4 - Speech of 2, 3 min for each
                                  1. Banner - Intended to be used at the Crab Feed Only - Showing community activities featured in the video - 4 to 8 banners -
                                    1. BANNERS - Horizontal or Vertical - They can be wall mounted or hung in the wall (TBD)
                                    2. Video with some Slogans: Our commitment is to help!
                                    3. THE FACES OF ROTARY
                                      1. Many different ethnic faces from Rotary in W.Creek and worldwide
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