Psychology 2AB

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Psychology 2AB
1 Self
1.1 The Brain
1.2 Cognition
1.2.1 Sensation - involve the sense organs, our eyes,ears, and so on receiving physical stimuli such as and light
1.2.2 Perception - takes place when certain stimuli are selected, organised and given meaning by the brain
1.2.3 Attention Selective Attention - involves selectively attending to some stimuli while ignoring others
1.2.4 Concepts (catogories) - grouping of similar objects or events.
1.2.5 Memory
1.3 Development
1.4 The Psychology of Personality
2 Others
2.1 Social Psychology
2.2 Communication
2.3 Relational Influences
3 Society
3.1 Culture
3.2 Social Values and Practices
3.3 Social, Historical and Political influences
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