Lanuguage techniqes

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Lanuguage techniqes
1 Similes
1.1 A simile is a way of comparing two things 'like' or 'as'
2 Onomatopoeia
2.1 A word that imitates the sound it represents eg. The "Click" of this fingers. The "hiss" of a snake.
3 Alitteration
3.1 Alliteration is the deliberate repetition of comsonant sounds. eg. coca cola, pay pal, crazy clarks.
4 Personification
4.1 Personification is giving non-living things human qualiys
5 Hyperbole
5.1 Hyperbole is purpose exaggeration. e.g. "I've done this a million times"
6 Assonance
6.1 Assonance is where the writer repeats the same vowel sound in words.
7 Imagery
7.1 Imagery is the mental pictures that writers create in the readers imaginations.
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