Cells 1.1.1

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Still yet to be completed. AS Biology, OCR. Module 1.1.1

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Cells 1.1.1
1 Microscopy
1.1 Light Microscope
1.1.1 Resolution 200nm
1.1.2 Magnification x1500
1.1.3 Staining Possible


  • Not if specimen is alive simple colour stain specimen alive
1.1.4 Inexpesive
1.2 Resolution
1.2.1 'The degree to which it is possible to distinguish between two objects very close together' (Higher resolution = Greater detail)
1.3 Magnification
1.3.1 'The degree to which a size of an image is larger than the object itself' Magnification= image size/object size
1.4 Electron microscopes
1.4.1 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Resolution 0.2nm Magnification x500 000 Staining Fixed/stained Specimen dead
1.4.2 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Resolution 0.2nm Magnification x100 000 + 3D Images Staining Metal coated Reflect electrons Specimen dead
1.4.3 Expensive
2 ~Be able to recognise and describe drawing and photographs of cell structures...This takes practise!!~
3 Organelles
3.1 Nucleus
3.1.1 Largest organelle
3.1.2 Contains Chromatin Consists of DNA and proteins Instructions for making proteins
3.1.3 Surrounded by double membrane nuclear envelope with nuclear pores
3.1.4 Nucleolus very dense Makes RNA and ribosomes
3.2 Endoplasmic recticulum (ER)
3.2.1 Rough Covered in Ribosomes
3.2.2 Smooth Lipid processing
3.2.3 Flattened membrane sac
3.3 Golgi Apparatus
3.3.1 Receives proteins from ER
3.3.2 Modifies proteins Packaged into Vesicles Transported to cell surface to be secreted.
3.3.3 Also releases lysosomes
3.4 Mitochondria
3.4.1 Aerobic Respiration
3.4.2 inner membrane folds in Cristae
3.4.3 Matrix
3.5 Lysosome
3.5.1 Enter text here
3.6 Plasma Membrane
3.6.1 PARTIALLY PERMIABLE controls movement of substances in and out of cell
3.6.2 Phospholipid bilayer
3.7 Chloroplasts
3.7.1 Found in plant cells
3.7.2 Where photosynthesis takes place
4 Cytoskeleton
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