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online services 1
  1. communication
    1. Email,messaging,news groups,social networks,conferencing,blogs,vlogs
      1. Talking to friends on skype. using social networking applications like facebook or google+ to exchange information
        1. instant responses to someone who is remote from you, at no additional cost to your broadband fees
    2. real time information
      1. time tables,news,sports update,weather reports,travel news
        1. checking an airport website for estimated arrival times of flights
          1. provides up to date infomation when picking people up from airport. companies can use real time information about customers reactions to an advertisement to improve the effectiveness of the advert
      2. commerce
        1. banking,auctions,online sales and purcheses,publishing
          1. selling something through a service such as ebay or amazon
            1. allows users to carry out transactions seamlessly(without the need to use physical money) and globally
        2. government
          1. tax returns,e-voting,applications for grants or benefits
            1. applying for your first provisional driving licence
              1. saves time and is more convenient -saves you a vusit to the post office and means can take your time filling in the form and can easily amend any errors
          2. education
            1. online learning,online training,manufacturers online tutorial
              1. Using the Microsoft ® training package for Windows ® 7 Allows you to do training from the comfort of your own computer
            2. Virtual learning environment (VLe)
              1. VLEs such as Moodle
                1. Your school or college may use a VLE for you to access lecture notes and assignments, and for you to submit assignment work
                  1. Cost effective for the school/college and allows the school/college to track the submission of learners’ work.
              2. Business (different types of organisations)
                1. Business networks, collaborative working, video conferencing
                  1. Using a price comparison website is an example where you touch on business usage
                    1. Allows you to get the best price on purchases
                2. entertainment
                  1. Multi-user games, radio and TV players, video streaming
                    1. Playing a game with other people over the internet
                      1. Enhances the gaming experience by allowing you to play against people you may not know.
                  2. download services
                    1. music,films,new softwear,games
                      1. downloading music from a service such as itunes or amazon
                        1. Makes purchasing easier and more affordable.
                    2. The uses and benefi ts of different types of online services is an important topic. Make sure you read Table 1.1 carefully and include it in your revision.
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