Career Advisor Training

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Career Advisor Training
  1. Helping Skills
    1. These enhance the relationship with a student/client and make career advising more effective
      1. Attending
        1. Expressing both a faciliatative attitude and behavior
        2. Reflecting
          1. Repeating what your student/client has said in different words and deeper level.
          2. Open Questions
            1. These are the type of questions you should ask that reciprocate the best answers from a client
          3. Job Search Skills
            1. Resumes
              1. Chronological
                1. Experience organized by time
                2. Functional
                  1. Experience organized by Skill
                3. Networking
                  1. Considered by many, the best way to find job openings
                  2. Interview Roles and Goals
                    1. Interviewee
                      1. Communicate his or her qualifications well.
                      2. Interviewer
                        1. Determine if this person is a good fit.
                    2. Career Theory
                      1. Six Holland Clusters
                        1. 16 National Career Clusters
                          1. 79 National Career Cluster Pathways
                            1. Sub-group of occupations (or occupational categories) within a cluster.
                              1. These are then assigned 1-3 Letter Holland Codes
                            2. O*Net/DOL
                          2. Holland Theory
                            1. Differentiation
                              1. This is the numerical point difference between a person's highest and lowest Holland code score.
                                1. Low-Flat
                                  1. No significant interest in any of the six work environments.
                                  2. High-Flat
                                    1. Significant interest in at least 3 or more of the six work enciroments
                                    2. Well-Differentiated
                                      1. Having a marked difference in 1-2 of the six work enviroments when compared to the others.
                                    3. States: characteristics of a person can be matched with the characteristics of the environment.
                                    4. Assessment
                                      1. Any formal or informal technique used to collect data about a client/student.
                                      2. Super's Life-Space Theory
                                        1. Super's Life-Career Rainbow
                                          1. Roles change through different life stages.
                                            1. May need to go through the career decision-making process multiple times across their life span (as in a circular, non-linear process).
                                          2. Career decision-making processes occur throughout life
                                          3. The first step in the career planning process is to become aware of the need to make choices.
                                          4. Program Planning
                                            1. Understand foundations of good career decision making
                                              1. Successful Program Planning
                                                1. Meets the Objectives defined for it...
                                                2. Group/Classroom Management Skills
                                                3. Ethics
                                                  1. Conflicts of Interest
                                                    1. Defining your roles and responsibilities to the client
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