Module C:

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ecce homo and the 50th gate

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Module C:
1 History
1.1 Ecce Homo - Komoski
1.1.1 Other Prisoners and their gaunt figures Vector for the doorframe Fully clothed awaiting same fate, a representation of the constant suffering at the camps and the continuation of torture
1.2 50th Gate - Baker
1.2.1 Years -1945 and dates of places Aushwitz, Treblinka Doubts his father's memory "hinda and Leibush were married in Weizerbnik verisimiltude to emphasise where the document came from (Polish archives)
1.2.2 (Grandfather Leo Krochmal) Animal Imagery - Old age tarnished his noble aura as his mind fell prey to dementia To imply the weakness of memory as it 'fell prey' implying destructive and inescapable force of old age, making him less relabel than documented evidence
1.2.3 Personification "when I exhausted memory i turned to history' There is a certain limit to the amount of memory one can access at time but history is infinite
2 Memory
2.1 Komoski's various artworks are visual representations of his memories as a Aushwitz prisoner
2.1.1 Colour symbolism Red (anger) and Blue (sadness)
2.2 Baker and Yossl visit the graveyards
2.2.1 "can you hear or do the screams from the mass graves drown out the sound sensory imagery - emphasising memory as a reality
2.3 Genia's realisation of the importance of her memories
2.3.1 Emotional statement - "so always remember it and your children will remember it" asyndeton- memories will be passed on in generations providing freedom
2.4 '..what photograph will capture the plight of a motherless child, banished to an orphanage?"
2.4.1 Symbolic evocative dialogue - history is incapable of representing emotions recalled in memory
2.5 Emacinated naked man .
2.5.1 Salient image reinforcing the feeling of vulnerability, exhaustion, and general despair evoked in the viewer throughout the painting as a whole
3 Inevitable that history of documented evidence and personal recollections are both equally vital in achieving overarching accounts of an events

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