Security and Conflict

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Security and Conflict
1 (i) World besieged -> global conflict -> threat security of individuals, communities, environment, countries
2 (ii) nature of conflicts on global stage -> complex interplay of different factors and different stake holders
3 (iii) face challenges -> need more cooperation between states NGO & GO. However will face complex obstacles
4 1) Struggle for power -> Political Conflicts
4.1 (ii) ISIS (ISLAMIC STATE OF IRAQ AND SYRIA) : Iraq and Syria with US government and NATO helping them to counter the presence of ISIS. Conflict has a long history related to the invasion of Iraq by US in 2003 and ALSO linked to AL-QAEDA. CONFLICT -> Shias and Sunnis. ISIS fighters are Sunnis -> recruit more ppl from around the world. Currently ISIS control territories in Iraq and Syria but slowly losing control -> vast land area & fierce comeback from local Iraqi Forces and Syrian Government. Main purpose -> establish Islamic state in the Middle East ruled by strict Shariah law.. Branches have sprung up to Egypt and Libya in March 2015
4.2 (ii) Ukraine: Geo-political conflict -> alleged intervention from Russia against political influence of US and EU. EU dependence on gas from Ukraine and Russia and Russia growing political influence at a global stage. In 2013 Ukraine -> political instability -> major international crisis -> US and EU against Russia. April 2014; Russia battle Ukraine -> death over 5000. Russia slapped by economic sanctions by US and EU.. Russia not backing down -> troops still at border of Ukraine
4.3 (iii) Israel and Palestine: Origins 1900s. -> struggle over land Arab countries UKs and Jews. Many attempt to resolve conflict by global players (UK, US, UN) -> NO CONCRETE RESULTS. Israel launched Operation Protective Edge apparently to protect its ppl from Gaza but according to UN 2104 Palestinians died and only 72 Israeli were killed. High number of children killed raised concern. Though conflict is religious in nature, there are some elements of political and economic. Political- roles of stakeholders ( UN, US, Arab countries).
5 Fear source of conflict -> religious in nature -> faith or way of life threatened
5.1 (ii) India: Religious conflicts between communities
5.1.1 Hindu-Christians: increased anti christians violence -> arson of churches, convert christian to Hindu by force, burning bibles, raping nuns etcetc.
5.1.2 Hindu-Muslim:Aftermath of partition of India in 1947 -> bloodshed. Underlying tensions between Hindus and Muslims. Thousands killed over riots (Gujarat riots in 2002)
5.1.3 Muslim-Christian: Muslim in India convert to Christianity -> harassment. Kashmir, Christian convert & missionary named Bashir Tantray -> killed
5.2 Possible causes: Fear of the Other. They see each other as attack on their way of life.
5.2.1 (iii) Possible Resolutions: need for more global cooperation & increase understanding. intergovernmental organizations-> KAICIID -> interreligious and intercultural dialogue with objective -> peacekeeping, conflict prevention and development. Necessary but fraught with obstacles
6 Survival as a cause of conflict that are Economic in nature
6.1 Gulf war: Iraq and Kuwait. Kuwait exceeding OPEC production quota -> depressing market price Iraq also accused Kuwait of slant drilling. Iraq invaded Kuwait
6.2 Possible Resolutions: UN -> resources for government to equip them with knowledge on how to deal with economic conflicts
6.2.1 Long-term solution -> UN promote positive social transformation. Economic Aid
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