Muscle tissue

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Muscle tissue
1 Skeletal muscle
1.1 properties
1.1.1 Cross striation
1.1.2 Elongated cylindral shape
1.1.3 Eccentric nucleus
1.1.4 เจริญจาก mesoderm: myotome
1.2 Muscle fiber
1.2.1 organization Myofibril Sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) terminal cisternae Sarcolemma transverse tubule TRIAD Mitochondria Myofilament
1.2.2 TYPE Red Muscle lot of Myoglobin&blood vessel small size lot of large mitochondria slow twitch ทำงานได้นาน ex. muscle of arm&leg White Muscle numerous of glycogen, little of blood vessel large cell size small size and little of mitochondria anaerobic glycolysis Fast twitch but not tolerance ex. Pectoral muscle Intermidiated Muscle similar to red muscle but have smaller sarcomere
2 Cardiac muscle
2.1 properties
2.1.1 Cross striation
2.1.2 Branched fiber
2.1.3 Concentric nucleus
2.1.4 **Intercalated disk
2.1.5 Blood&Lymph vessel แทรก
2.2 Cattle
2.2.1 pulmonary hypertension
3 Smooth muscle
3.1 Single unit
3.2 Multi Unit
3.3 Hyperplasia (increase cell pop)
3.4 Hypertrophy (increase cell size)
3.5 properties
3.5.1 Found at Visceral organ Blood vessel Lymph vessel
3.5.2 Cigar shaped concentric nucleus
3.5.3 Excessive actin
3.5.4 Elastic+Reticular fiber
3.5.5 Contract&stretched more than skeletal m.
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