Stock Characters of Commedia dell'arte

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A brief description of the stock characters of Commedia dell'arte

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Stock Characters of Commedia dell'arte
  1. Zanni (The servants)
    1. Arlecchino/Harlequin
      1. Comical Servant
      2. Brighella
        1. Harelquin's crony (cowardly villain)
        2. Pedrolino
          1. Comical Servant
          2. Columbina
            1. Servant/love interest of Harlequin
          3. The Vecchi (The elders/masters)
            1. Il Captiano
              1. Outwardly bold yet cowardly soldier
              2. Il Dottore
                1. Fradulant and pompous
                2. Pantalone
                  1. Mean and miserable merchant
                3. Innamorati (The lovers)
                  1. Went by different names, but known as the Inamorato
                    1. Handsome, wore no mask and spoke eloquently
                    2. Went by different names, but known as the Inamorata
                      1. Pretty, wore no mask, bright and looked for adventure
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