Algebra - Expanding Brackets


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Algebra - Expanding Brackets
  1. Expanding with terms outside a bracket
    1. To expand this expression you must multiply every term inside the bracket by the terms outside.
      1. 3y(4-2y) = 12y-6y^2
    2. Expanding with negative terms outside a bracket
      1. When there is a negative term outside the bracket, the signs of the multiplied terms change.
        1. -a(2a^2-3a+1) = -2a^3+3a^3-a
          1. In General:
        2. Expanding then simplifying
          1. When expanding then simplifying, you must multiply out the brackets and then collect together the like terms.
          2. Squaring expressions
            1. Example: (3m+2n)^2 = 9m^2+12mn+4n^2
              1. In General:
              2. The difference of two squares
                1. Example: (2a+7)(2a-7) = 4a^2-49
                  1. In General:
                    1. After we expand and simplify a difference of two squares expression the two middle terms cancel out.
                    2. Expanding two brackets
                      1. To expand or multiply this expression we multiply every term in the first bracket and every term in the second bracket.
                        1. Example:
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