Algebra - Expanding Brackets

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Algebra - Expanding Brackets
1 Expanding with terms outside a bracket
1.1 To expand this expression you must multiply every term inside the bracket by the terms outside.
1.1.1 3y(4-2y) = 12y-6y^2
2 Expanding with negative terms outside a bracket
2.1 When there is a negative term outside the bracket, the signs of the multiplied terms change.
2.1.1 -a(2a^2-3a+1) = -2a^3+3a^3-a
2.1.2 In General:
3 Expanding then simplifying
3.1 When expanding then simplifying, you must multiply out the brackets and then collect together the like terms.
4 Squaring expressions
4.1 Example: (3m+2n)^2 = 9m^2+12mn+4n^2
4.2 In General:
5 The difference of two squares
5.1 Example: (2a+7)(2a-7) = 4a^2-49
5.2 In General:
5.3 After we expand and simplify a difference of two squares expression the two middle terms cancel out.
6 Expanding two brackets
6.1 To expand or multiply this expression we multiply every term in the first bracket and every term in the second bracket.
6.2 Example:
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