User Experience Design

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User Experience Design
1 Qualities: Good UX
1.1 Desirability
1.2 Accessibility
1.3 Findability
1.4 Usability
1.5 Credibility
1.6 Usefulness
1.7 Increase conversion, awareness & + association
2 What is UX?
2.1 All exp: Physical, Sensory, Emotional, Mental
2.2 When interacting with digital tool
3 2 Categories
3.1 Creative UX
3.1.1 Wow Visual Creative
3.2 Functional UX
3.2.1 Technical Elements Navigation • Search Links
4 Benefits
4.1 Differentiate => comp. adv
4.2 Good design & research => best solution (eg Amazon, CONTINUE button i.s.o. REGISTER)
4.3 Applying UX principles => digi work earlier, better functionality, lower cost, cut out features don't need
5 Core principles
5.1 UCD - User Centred Design (Design, philosphy, priority user's needs)
5.1.1 Who is user?
5.1.2 User's wants & needs from platform?
5.1.3 Why really to website?
5.1.4 What capabilities, skills, tech. available?
5.1.5 What feature would increase UX?
5.1.6 If not know - research & interpret
5.2 Usability & Conventions (Stick to standard)
5.2.1 Links - blue
5.2.2 Nav. menu top / left
5.2.3 Logo top left, link back to home
5.2.4 Search box, top page, std, wording search + icon
5.3 Simplicity
5.3.1 Simpler, better, more UX friendly
5.3.2 White space
5.3.3 Fewer options
5.3.4 Plain language
5.3.5 Stick to conventions
5.4 Credibility
5.4.1 Trustworthy & Legit?
5.4.2 Looks
5.4.3 Contact details Testimonials
5.4.4 Associations & awards logos. Credible 3rd party ref. & endorsements Fresh, up to date content. No errors
5.5 Mobile UX
5.5.1 5 Cat mobile: Dumb / Basic (no • Feature (ltd. possibly • Smart (mini comp, full web, lrg screens, wide range funct) • Tablets (lrg version, usually touch, wide range connect., life & work) • Other (e-readers, portable games, ipods)
5.5.2 Mobile 1st! Not afterthought
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