The Lost Starship

Zachary Yoder
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Zachary Yoder
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The Lost Starship
1 Main conflict
1.1 Conflict/problem a new race of humans have emerged and are trying to get rid of the old race
1.2 cause a genetic expyrament caused humans to evolve
2 characters
2.1 Meta
2.1.1 Strong
2.1.2 Smart
2.2 Valerie Noonan
2.2.1 follows rules
2.2.2 skilled
2.3 Captain Maddox
2.3.1 fast
2.3.2 strong
3 Theme
3.1 Message/theme dont give up when the odds are agenst you
3.2 How brought out in the book when the characters never gave up
4 Setting
4.1 outer space
4.2 in the futre
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