The Kill Order

Brennen Smith
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Brennen Smith
Created by Brennen Smith about 4 years ago
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The Kill Order
1 Setting
2 Theme
2.1 Theme: Survival
3 2020-2022
4 Northeastern U.S
5 People stated to die from a sickness and before that sun flares struck the earth
6 Main Conflict
6.1 Sun flares have struck the Earth and there is a new disease spreading at an insane rate
6.2 There are people that have unleashed an disease because there are too many people and to little resouces
6.2.1 Cause
6.2.2 Conflict
7 Characters
7.1 Mark
7.1.1 Breve
7.1.2 Strong
7.2 Alec
7.2.1 Smart
7.2.2 Grumpy
7.3 Trina
7.3.1 Caring
7.3.2 Strong
8 Brennen Smith

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