Throne of Glass

Elizabeth Manthe
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Elizabeth Manthe
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Throne of Glass
1 Setting
1.1 It takes place in the past.
1.2 Located in an kingdom called Adarlan.
2 Theme
2.1 Celaena endured a death camp at 16-years old. She also was the only girl in the competition, and won.
2.2 Women can be just as tough as men.
3 Main Conflict
3.1 Celaena must participate in a competition to become the king's champion.
3.2 If she won she could be free and away from the death camp, Endovier.
4 Characters
4.1 Celaena
4.1.1 Strong
4.1.2 Clever
4.2 Dorian
4.2.1 Arrogant
4.2.2 Brave
4.3 Nehemia
4.3.1 Caring
4.3.2 Trustworthy
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