Drama GCSE-Performing Becca Lyes

Becca Lyes
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Becca Lyes
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Mind Map on Drama GCSE-Performing Becca Lyes, created by Becca Lyes on 09/09/2015.

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Drama GCSE-Performing Becca Lyes
1 Given circumstances
1.1 Personality and behaviour
1.2 What the character says
1.3 What the other characters say about or too your character
1.4 The characters reactions to you
1.5 Stage directions
1.6 Stage directions
1.7 Character notes
2 Relationships between charcters
2.1 Close or distant?
2.2 Happy with their relationship?
2.3 Do they know one another
2.4 The hierarchy between characters
2.5 Why are they talking about what they are talking about
2.6 Is there tension?
3 Context of the scene
3.1 Time?
3.2 Thoughts and feelings
3.3 Where?
3.4 Mood
3.5 What have you been doing?
4 Stage positioning
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