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Sihan's english map

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Sihan's Story Map
  1. Characters
    1. Barcelona FC
      1. Lionel Messi: 28, Has one son, not married has a girlfriend. Brown hair, athletic, blue eyes, short, not really muscly, very good soccer player, plays forward
        1. Neyman da Silva Santos Junior: 23, has a son, plays forward opposite Messi. 175cm tall, dark brown hair, tattoos on his arm,brown eyes
      2. Setting
        1. Spain
          1. Barcelona
            1. Camp Nou
              1. Camp Nou means 'New Field'. The home of Futbol Barcelona since 1957. 99, 354 seats in the stadium. Largest stadium in Europe.
              2. Many famous Parks: Parc de la Ciutadella
                1. Famous Church: Sagrada Familia
                  1. Famous Beaches: Barcelona Beach rated as one of the highest in the world.
                    1. Spanish Cuisine: gazpacho (cold tomato soup), paella (seafood rice), tapas (lot's of small foods). The Spanish love to eat because they love to be with their friends and families to talk.
                  2. Weather: During Autumn. In Barcelona, the weather is usually has a bit of rain, 12-21 degrees, only 5-6 hours sunshine a day during October
                  3. Opening: How the story starts, why are the characters in that setting?
                    1. Training Session, doing drills
                    2. Build up: How are things going wrong? What is changing for the characters?
                      1. Xavier Hernandez Creus decides he is going to leave the team.
                      2. The problem: When everything changes and we don't know how the story will end
                        1. The Ending: Everything is either made better or the characters learn lessons or have their lives changed
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