Codes and Conventions of an Interview

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this is my codes and conventions of an interview

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Codes and Conventions of an Interview
1 Mise en scene
1.1 Setting/Background
1.1.1 The background is important, it signifies the genre/theme.
1.1.2 Lighting Should mostly be focused on
1.2 Costume
1.2.1 Appropriate for the genre Looks professional and suitable
1.2.2 Props are also used in and interview to show the audience of what the theme is.
2 Camera angles
2.1 Direct address
2.1.1 When the person infront of the camera is talking directly to the camera
2.2 Medium Close up
2.3 Close up
2.3.1 Captures the emotion and faciel expressions of the interviewee
2.4 Framing
2.4.1 Left or Right
2.4.2 If there is more than one interview being used then the positioning alternates, this adds to the creativity Positioning is important, if the interviewee is on the right side of the frame, the interviewer should be on the left side of the frame. The interviwer should be sitting or standing as close to the camera as possible
3 Graphics
3.1 Names
3.2 Titles
3.3 Job titles
3.4 Subtitles
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