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Psychology Mind Map
1 Personality
1.1 psychoanalysis theories
1.1.1 Freud conscious, preconscious and unconscious Defence mechanisms psychosexual development oral stage anal stage phallic stage latency stage genital stage
1.2 humanistic theories
1.2.1 Maslow hierarchy of needs physiological needs safety needs belonging and love needs esteem needs understanding Aesthetic Self actualisation transcendence peak experiences
2 Learning
2.1 Classical conditioning
2.1.1 learning by association
2.1.2 unconditioned stimulus, conditioned stimulus, unconditioned response, conditioned response
2.2 Operant conditioning
2.2.1 learning through experience rewards or punishment
2.2.2 positive reinforcement
2.2.3 punishment
2.2.4 negative reinforcement
2.3 stimulus discrimination and generalisation
2.4 learned helplessness
2.5 learning through observation
3 Social Cognition
3.1 Attitudes
3.1.1 ABC model affective behavioural cognitive
3.1.2 4 functions of attitudes Instrumental Ego defensive value expressive Knowledge
3.1.3 behaviour
3.2 Persuasion
3.2.1 Central route audience analyse information most effective
3.2.2 peripheral route requires little to no thinking
4 Altered States
4.1 circadian rhythms
4.1.1 sleep wake cycle
4.2 sleep needs
4.2.1 stages of sleep awake stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 stage 4 REM stage
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